About NOVA

We are a cheerleading team based in Cardiff, Wales UK.

We love competitive cheer and are passionate about the development of each and every athlete. Nova started in 2018 with only 3 athletes and has grown to have multiple competitive teams and recreational classes.

In Season One, 2018-2019, less than a year old, we took two teams to regionals and National competition.

In Season Two, 2019-2020 we gained multiple 1st place trophies and Grand Champion title. We are so incredibly proud of our athletes coming so far so quickly.

Sadly our Season two was cut short and Nationals is cancelled due to Covid-19. We can’t wait to start training for Season Three, We have lots of goals set and we have incredibly passionate athletes!


Season One
2019 ICE Regionals Infinity 1st place
2019 LEGACY Regionals Stardust 2nd place
2019 LEGACY Nationals Infinity 6th place
2019 LEGACY Nationals Stardust 6th place

Season Two
2020 ICC Regionals Infinity 2nd place
2020 ICC Regionals Stardust 1st place BID WINNER
2020 ICE Regionals Twinkle 3rd place
2020 ICE Regionals Infinity 1st place HIT ZERO
2020 ICE Regionals Stardust 1st place HIT ZERO
2020 ICE Regionals Stardust GRAND CHAMPIONS